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Painting watercolours is my passion. Painting them challenges me over and over again. I love the lightness, translucency and versatility of watercolours. My aim is to create art on my own way but with a modern twist. I express my feelings and experiences through painting. For my abstracts I get my inspiration from nature. Elements of nature – air, light, wind or snow – have an essential role in my paintings.

”Sensitive female artists have often a story that is forcing you to think – this goes especially with sensitive watercolor artists. You have to seize the moment when working with watercolors. Suddenly the lines have changed. Truthness, strengthness and self-confidence are present all at once – at the same time you can also indulge the possibilities.

You can see all this strength and sensitiveness in the artwork of Tuula Kallas. Her artwork proposes to stop for a little while. The depth of her artworks opens new dimensions and leads the spectator to an almost meditative reality, where thinking is lead by this line drawn to water. The artwork of this artist is very calming, and her paintings fascinate with their authenticity.”
Rigulio Graak, art curator


Tuula Kallas

Supervisor of solution-focused visual art therapy methods

Union of Finnish Art Associations
The Finnish Watercolour Society
Art Society of Kokemäki
Solution-focused Art Therapists Society

• Acquarelle Biennale, Emil Cedercreutz museum, Harjavalta, 2022
• ”My Satakunta”, PORIS-galleria, Pori, 2021

• ”Urbino In Acquarello”, Urbino, Italy, 2021
• Rauma Lace Week, Opening of the Gallery, Rauma, 2021
• The Finnish Visual Arts Day, Visual Arts Market, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, 2021
• Rauma library, Rauma, 2021
• Helsinki Culture House, Wabgnet, Helsinki, 2020-21
• Galleria Fogga, Helsinki, 2020
• The Finnish Watercolour Society, Galleria Uusikuva, Kotka, 2020
• MiniWatercolor on Kyiv Online 2020
• ”Distance – physical separation, connected in spirit”, Curator Keke, digital art exhibition, 2020
• ”Albania Super”, International Watercolour Exhibition, IWS Albania, National Historical
Museum, Tirana, Albania, 2019
• ”Watercolour Art Zurich”, International Watercolour Exhibition, IWS Thai, Galeria Kunst
Sud, Zurich, Switzerland, 2019
• ”After A Human Being”, Finnish Watercolour Society, Cable Factory, Helsinki, 2019
• ”Trasparenze”, Roccart Gallery, Florence, Italy, 2019
• ”Sensazioni”, International Watercolour Exhibition, IWS Italy, MACA Contemporary Art
Museum, Acri, Italy, 2018-2019
• ”Baltic Bridges”, International Watercolour Exhibition, Kaunas Picture Gallery of M.K.
Ciurlionis National Art Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2018
• Acquarelle Biennale, The Museum of Emil Cedercreutz, Harjavalta, 2018
• ”Watercolour NOW”, Union of Finnish Art Associations, selebrating it´s 80 anniversary, Art Centre Ahjo, Joensuu, 2018
• The Finnish Watercolour Society selebrating it´s 20 anniversary, Helsinki, 2018
• ”Forest 2”, Akvart -art gallery, Helsinki, 2016-2017
• The Finnish Watercolour Society, Tampere, 2016
• ”Colours” -exhibition, Art Gallery Aapeli, Helsinki, 2015
• Finnish Artists Society, The museum of Savonlinna, 2011

• The City of Rauma
• The Central Hospital of Satakunta
• Arla Oy

• 1st Award in Arla Passion for Food & Art -art competition, 2019

• art teaching
• performances
• pictures for books, newspapers and advertisements

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